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Importance of Role Models

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Importance of Role Models

Post  kurapika312 on Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:01 pm

Hi guyz
Role models have been mentioned repeatedly in AJ method. In this thread, we're gonna discuss the following points:
- What is a role model?
- Benefits of role models
- Who to take as your role models
- Exchange interesting info about your own role models.
1. Role models are people who you really look up to, or admire. Of course, we have so many roles to play everyday: as a father, a friend, a lover...But the role model we focus on in this topic is "English role model". The one from which you draw inspiration and really want to speak the way he or she does.
2. Role models bring us the following benefits:
- Voluntariness in learning English without being prompted to do so
- Distinctive accents/ pronunciation habits that will make you excellent English speaker, not a half-assed immitator
- Assessment on how far we are from being an excellent English speaker
- What to do in order to achieve that objective.
a. One of the most common problems in learning English is that we lack energy. And this kind of energy cannot be replenished only through "self-talk motivation" method, especially that's not what you dream about and you're the kind of people who are not so determined.
Normally human only does what he or she really desires. Some are crazy about being professional English speaker, some simply about playing computer games, some others are into girls.
For the second and the third types in that list, learning English could be a "burden" that brings along annoyance and hardship. That's the reason why you need a role model. You come back home, turn on your laptop and tune in the program you want, say, your favorite game show. Nothing relates to English, right? Well then, my little piece of advice here is going for your favorite game caster who has 2 things: amazing casting content and outstanding accent.
Your primary purpose when tuning in is about game; however, you learn English at the same time, naturally. You have no other choice but listening to the caster in order to understand the cast. And finally, your English has been improved exponentially. That's the true meaning of Effortless English, I think : LEARNING IS ALWAYS HARD AND TIME-CONSUMING, BUT YOU DON'T FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL.

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Re: Importance of Role Models

Post  kurapika312 on Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:11 pm

Well, what I wrote above sounds like watching movies, listening to music. Basically, it's the same way but you need to determine your ultimate figure that you wanna take after.
Imagine that you watch a film, i.e. transformer. You "feel like" Megan Fox. That could be a good start. However, you watch that film only once and switch to the next film: The ring. Again you find your new favorite actress: Naomi Watts. The figure, the voice, the accent of Megan Fox fade more or less. That's it: you have neither Megan Fox's nor Naomi Watts' accent. You will go sooooooo slow in your way of having an attractive accent.
You see that? Now instead of swinging from film to film, try to stick to one, or 2, 3... provided that there is only one model throughout those films. Way to go, guyzz..

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