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Why do we need translation?

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Why do we need translation?

Post  kurapika312 on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:05 pm

According to Mr. AJ, tranlastion is unnecessary due to its negative impact on language acquisition. Well in theory that's sensible because of its delay in language processing.
However, translation is still a must if you work in Vietnamese. We learn professional English for the following purposes:
- To understand English material (including Video & audio tutorial, texts...)
- To communicate in English (including both writing and speaking)
There is a huge glossary that must be learned when you study English material. Differing from common, daily English inputs which are straightforward and take little base knowledge to intepret, professional English requires the understanding of low level premises. In other words, we've got to study high school and university knowledge in English if we want to adapt easily to working environment when we will've just graduated. That's practically impossible for complicated fields such as science & technology (say, at least for our generation which only learn English carefully when entering university )
Furthermore, we work not only with foreigners but also Vietnamese people who are amatuers in English. They talk in Vietnamese, and if you fail to explain the terminology in Vietnamese, then we're done for: At least we are on the verge of being sacked.

These things are what I withdrew from my working experience in a "professional English environment that requires English". Hope that my sharing can help you to orientate your English study.


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