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What happens when you get marriage?

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What happens when you get marriage?

Post  sweet_cake107 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:22 pm

Many people believe that wedding is the happy ending of the couples. However, it is important to remember that everything in the world contains the good sides and the bad ones. Of course, being marriage is not an exception. Along with the benefits that you have after marriage, you also face with a large number of problems.

On the one hand, being marriage brings you various advantages. The most obvious advantage is that you have your own family. You can live with the person you love and receive love in return. Probably, loving someone who loves you back is the greatest felling of almost people. Weeding is an important event to remark and maintain the relation of the couples. In addition, you have a person to share life’s challenges, sorrows, and happiness as well. This person actually knows what you are going through, sympathizes with you, and makes you more powerful than ever. After being marriage, you will become more mature, responsible because you know you have own family to care.

On the other hand, hardly can you neglect the drawbacks after marriage. It can be a frustrating and sometimes painful experience. Firstly, you must live with the same person for the rest of your life. In fact, that living together with someone is not easy for anyone. The person you love annoys and even bores you to tears. Furthermore, the arguments occurring more and more frequently makes you exhausted. At that time, do you think that being marriage is a mistake? Secondly, you must give up so much, especially your freedom, in order to stay marriage. There is a person who always wants to know where you are, what you are doing. You can not go out with your friends, take part in social activities as freely as before. Moreover, you have to face with many burdens such as solving financial problems and raising the children. These can then cause the marriage to end in divorce

Well, being marriage has its own pros and cons. However, I think that the disadvantages can be far out- weighted by advantages if the love that you give your other half is really great. Indeed, everyone from any races, classes, and religions also aspire to have a happy family beside the person they love.


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Re: What happens when you get marriage?

Post  kurapika312 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:43 am

Beautiful peace of writing, with good development. Maybe it would be more precise to use: get married/ be married in stead of get marriage and be marriage?

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Re: What happens when you get marriage?

Post  dungkiwi on Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:09 am

I will list out a few advantages
1.Marriage can provide long term commitment, security, and support. A marriage based on love and mutual respect where both partners have committed to love honor and cherish each other can endure even the most difficult challenges.
2.Marriage can offer financial benefits -. During times of hardship or sickness, having someone who can help and support you financially is invaluable.
3.Social and community acceptance
4.Raising children.
Some other disadvantages of getting married:
- You don't have free time to go out with your friends.
- Sometimes you feel tired because you have argument with your husband.
- Prior to marriage, most young people work a job so they have spending money for playing. But after getting marriedall the everything falls in the lap of the young couple.
- Some people don't keep a romance alive in a marriage.


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Re: What happens when you get marriage?

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